Donau Version 0.1.1

Posted 21/04/2019

Today's update brings a number of important changes to the Operating System, preparing it for other future releases.

  • Changed dpkg vendor from Debian to Donau (Thanks to the Debian Team)
  • Included package 'plymouth-themes', in preparation for a future boot screen change
  • Enabled splash boot for GRUB 2 users (If doing a clean installation, first boot will still display the text loading screen)
  • Added 'Donau Allow GRUB2 SplashScreen' service to systemd services

To update your Operating System, follow these steps:

Save all unsaved files and close all opened programs before applying a System Software Update! Your Computer will restart automatically.

  1. From the Task Bar, click on the Start icon.
  2. From the Start Menu, click on Search....
  3. When Kupfer appears, start typing gksu, then press the Enter key.
  4. In the Pop-Up Dialog, enter your root password, then hit Enter once more.
  5. In the Terminal window, type the following, then press Enter: donauctl sysupdate check
  6. When DonauCTL finds an update, it will ask you whether or not you would like to update. To proceed, type the letter Y, then hit Enter one last time. The update will proceed, and your Computer will restart.

Feel free to share feedback on your experience with Donau 0.1.1, either via E-Mail or our Bug Tracker.

The Donau Community

Posted 16/04/2019

Since the release of Donau, we've received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews.

We would like to thank you all for reaching out to us, and we're still constantly open to feedback and e-mails!

Donau on YouTube

YouTuber Time News Tech has released a video showcasing the Operating System. Check it out below!

Donau as a Debian Derivative

As you may already know, Donau is based on Debian, and thanks to the amazing folks over at the Debian team, Donau was added to the Debian Derivates Census. You can view the page at the link below:
Donau's Future

This week we'll be releasing version 0.1.1 of the Operating System, which will replace the 0.1.0 version that is currently available. Updates include internal changes aswell as modifications to the boot screen.

The website will also receive a new update soon, better highlighting the key values of Donau.

The Donau Team would like to thank everyone who is participating in the Open Beta.

Donau Launches!

Posted 26/03/2019

Starting today, version 0.1.0 of Donau is available for download!

Simply head over to the Download page and grab the .iso file, which you can then use with a Virtual Machine or burn onto any removable media to test it live or install it on your Computer.

Feedback and bug reports are always welcome! You can use the icon on your Desktop, or manually go to our Contact page.

Have a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or Send Us an E-mail.

New Website

Posted 19/03/2019, Updated 25/03/2019

With the release of Donau, we have decided to update our website for faster performance and a better look.

The new website is more lightweight, allowing slower computers and internet connectons to access it easily.

The old website is preserved for archival reasons, and is available here, although it is no longer updated.

Donau Public Beta begins March 26th

Posted 13/03/2019

As Donau's closed development comes to an end, we would like to announce that the Public Beta begins on March 26th, 2019. Build 0.1.0 will be available for download free of charge as an .iso image from the Downloads page, alongside an MD5 hash for more advanced users.

The .iso image can then be loaded into a Virtual Machine or burned onto any form of physical media that has enough available storage. The .iso image will take up approximately 1.1 GB of storage.

The installation does not require an internet connection, but does offer an option to download eligible packages from the internet to speed up the installation process.

Features of the Operating System include:

  • LibreOffice Suite for creating and modifying documents and pictures of various types;
  • Anjuta for creating C/C++ applications. Other options such as Java are also available, however their compilers must be installed separately from the application repository;
  • Boombox for listening to music;
  • Mirage for viewing images at ease;
  • Mpv for viewing videos and movies;
  • Aisleriot for playing different card-based games;
  • Firefox ESR for browsing the Web;
  • Synaptic Package Manager for downloading applications;
  • The Frauenbach Desktop Environment (consisting of OpenBox, xcompmgr, PCManFM, PulseAudio, kupfer, notify-osd);
  • Donau-tool and DonauCTL for managing your system;
  • Other components (such as systemd)

Updating can be done via the command line. Users can check for updates with donau-tool, while the root user can apply said updates.

Donau is aimed at normal, everyday computers. It is built on Debian Linux and uses minimal resources in order to bring the best performance possible out of your machine.

The Open-Source nature of Donau allows you to modify and redistribute it as you please (so long as it is not for any malicious intent). Feel free to make physical copies of the system and share it with anyone.

Alongside the release of Operating System, plenty of artwork will be made available on the website should you want to use it in any projects, articles, pictures or videos.

An FAQ and Support Email will also be available at launch.

We are looking forward to what you'll create with Donau.

Have a pleasant day.